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The Best Attractions in Chicago

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Chicago often referred to as the “Windy City” is the 3rd largest City in the USA situated along the Lake Michigan shores. It is famous for its architecture, sports, vibrant art and culture and amazing beaches. The city features some of the best twentieth-century architecture from renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan. Chicago is also home to some of the legendary artists including Picasso, Chagall, Mirõ, and Dubuffet. Famous for its sports Chicago has some of the top teams in major sports such as American football played by the Chicago bears, baseball played by two top teams the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox as well as Basketball played by the famous Chicago Bulls. Art Institute of Chicago This is one of the world’s most classic museums featuring some of the oldest and latest amazing pieces of art including paintings, architectural drawings, photography, sculptures and so much more. It houses some of works of legendary artists like Claude Monet, Circque Fernando, Georges Seurat and many others. Millennium Park A visit to downtown Chicago will take to the Millennium Park next to Michigan Avenue. It features the Jay Pritzker Pavilion the best venue for outdoor concerts, the AT&T Cloud Gate sculpture, the interactive Crown Fountain and the beautiful Lurie Garden. Michigan Avenue This is no doubt America’s most beautiful boulevards. Here you will find some of Chicago’s skyscrapers including the renowned John Hancock Center, the Tribune Tower, and the Wrigley Building. A visit to Michigan Avenue would not be complete without going to Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile on the north of the Chicago River and check out the famous boutiques, luxury shops, and galleries. The Navy Pier One of the most popular spots for tourists the Navy Pier features amazing gardens, parks, concert venues, restaurants and other popular attractions such as the Ferris wheel and carousel. Visit the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and watch a classic play or watch a film at the 3D IMAX Theater. Apart from that there is the Crystal Gardens, the Children’s Museum and so much more. Wrigley Field Baseball is huge in Chicago and you can catch the Chicago Cubs in action at the amazing Wrigley Stadium. The Museum of Science and Industry This is Chicago’s most majestic museum that was founded in 1933 to showcase the principles in industrial and technological advancements. You will witness practical exhibits from hundreds of exhibitors. While there remember to check out the OMNIMAX theater. The Field Museum of Natural History The Field Museum of Natural History whose original was the Columbian Museum of Chicago was founded in 1893 and is dedicated to the World Columbian Exposition showcasing anthropological and biological collections. It features a permanent collection of geological, botanical, zoological and anthropological artifacts and specimens totaling about 20 million. Check out displays from ancient Egypt and to the whole of the Americas. Another special attraction is the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton known as “Sue” which is the largest in the entire world. Other notable attractions in Chicago include the Willis Towers skyscraper, The John Hancock Center, the Garfield Park Conservatory, the Lyric Opera, the Lincoln Park, and the Oriental Institute Museum etc. There is a lot more to explore in Chicago and Companion Maids is a proud member of the Chicago community.

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Oven Cleaning Tips

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Oven CleaningCleaning the oven is a laborious and time-consuming chore that most homeowners hate to do. Seriously, who wants to spend their well-earned weekend off with their head stuck in the oven breathing in fumes and scratching grease? We use ovens every day and they have to be cleaned regularly however much we hate doing it. You can postpone major oven cleaning by getting rid of minor spillages and grease. Nevertheless, every once in a while or at least regularly you should clean the oven intensively. Just thinking about cleaning the oven is wearisome. Having the experts handle this tiresome and backbreaking task has numerous advantages. Let us consider a few reasons why you should let a professional cleaning company clean your oven. The experts have the right cleaning equipment Properly cleaning your oven sometimes means dismantling it into pieces. If you haven’t figured out how you are going to pull off the oven doors and clean it in your sink then you should probably not even get started. However, you don’t have to worry about a thing because when you hire cleaning experts they will not only do the cleaning they will handle the mechanics as well. They will do all the dismantling of doors and fans without any problems enabling them to provide your oven with a rigorous clean. This is not your typical DIY job because you could damage your oven. Save Time We all have very busy lifestyles and cleaning the oven is not your average five minutes task, it could actually last half the day. Therefore, if cleaning the oven is not very high on your list of priorities, then you should save time for more valuable work by hiring a cleaning expert. Not only will the cleaning professionals do a better job they will save you a lot of time and as they say time is money! Remember a clean oven is more efficient because it evenly distributes heat much quicker saving time. Reduced Utility Bills As mentioned earlier, a clean oven is much more efficient and saves a lot of time. Nonetheless, you get to save money as well because meals will take a shorter time to cook since the heat is sufficiently distributed leading to greater energy savings. Plus, you can actually see through the clean oven door glass to watch how the food is cooking without opening the oven. This will minimize heat loss that causes reheating as a result of opening the oven door frequently. Cleaning your oven also makes it more durable saving you money in repair or replacement. Health and Safety A dirty oven is a recipe for disaster, because as dirt and grease build up around the fan and shelves your oven becomes vulnerable to fire. It is also a health risk because your oven can be a safe haven for bacteria to grow and make your food unhealthy for consumption. Therefore, a thorough cleaning of your oven by experts will save you from a fire disaster and illness. Better food Quality A dirty oven will make the food prepared by the best chef taste average. Food prepared in a dirty oven will taste different because the heat is not evenly distributed and additionally the dirt and grease can evaporate and spill into your food. Therefore, it makes sense to have a clean oven if you want quality food. In a nutshell, cleaning your oven has numerous benefits and letting the experts clean your oven does not in any way imply that you are lazy. Therefore, there is no shame in calling an expert cleaning service to clean your oven and no one should make you feel guilty about it. We all have very busy schedules and some tasks are better handled by experts. Check out all the services we offer. If you want to attempt cleaning your oven on your own check out this YouTube tutorial.

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I Have a Clean House, And I’m Still A Good Mom


We hear it all the time: A messy house is a happy home. A dirty house equals kids who are loved. If it’s messy, there are memories. Clean equals a dull and boring homemaker. Each time I hear this, I get more frustrated than I was before. I’m a neat freak—maybe a bit over the top. My kids are so used to the noise, they can fall asleep while I’m vacuuming. They know where I’ve cleaned by the smell of the cleaner. They know that the toys are put away before we go out. They live in a neat and clean house. It’s still a home. They are still happy. They still make countless memories every day. They are curious and smart. And I’m a fun person!

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